Training Programs

Administrative program

Directory of managerial success for managers    Program Goals :   • To introduce participants to the secrets of success in the work and develop their skills in the formulation of the message and determine the vision and set goals and practical plans to reach high levels of production and career success.   Contents:   • Definitions of career success • Who are successful • The most important qualities of successful • Your thoughts cause your success • Successful Leadership Rules • Secrets of the successful • What positive thinking..

Security and Safety Program

(1) Occupational Safety and Health Administration Program Goals: • Develop the knowledge and skills of participants in the field of identifying and combating hazards and sources of pollution and managing prevention activity.   Contents: • Hazards of action and pollution: concept and sources. • Classification of hazards, accidents and injuries. • Occupational and mental health: concept and general framework. • Factors affecting accidents, injuries and resulting effects. • Dangers in the stages of the establishment's productive and service life. • Public and private techniques for the prevention of specific hazards...

Technical program

(1) Archiving in archiving documents and documents electronically   Program Goals: • Providing participants with modern concepts and methods for managing conservation and archiving operations • Raise their skills in the application of technical techniques used in documentary archiving of classification, indexing, documenting, archiving, retrieval and definition of legislation on the regulations of screening and execution of documents. • Maintain the security and confidentiality of information and protect files from viruses and get backups (Backup).   Contents: • The role of information and archives in administrative work (information policy) •..