General Speech Report

There is no longer any doubt about the importance of training and the role it plays in the development of local and regional departments and institutions. Attention to the human element and giving this attention a prominent place among the concerns of management, paves the way to achieve the highest efficiency and efficiency

The development of systems, the refurbishment of machinery and equipment and access to higher quality materials and supplies can not lead to any positive results, if not accompanied by an interest in individuals by increasing their knowledge and skills,

Moreover, the training efforts are no longer limited to developing specialized information and expertise, but also to the behavioral attitudes of individuals and groups in order to strengthen the bonds of integration and solidarity among members of the units working within the institutions.

The interest in the training process must not be a boom or a whim we follow to tell us the knights of civilization and development, but must be accompanied by faith built on the foundations and well - established rules.

If we believe in the inevitability of development and the inevitability of the positive effects of training in achieving the highest productivity of the organization, we must believe at the same time that the training process is not a magic wand, whereby everything can be achieved, which is not an end in itself, but a tool in the hands of management, Use them to help achieve specific goals, which, no doubt, contribute effectively to raising efficiency whenever our attitudes towards it are scientific and well-founded.

Therefore, we must move away from everything that would make it an improvised process. Improvisation must be doomed to failure.

In the light of what we have mentioned, training should be considered as a purposeful and planned activity aimed at making changes in the individual, the group and the working methods, whether in terms of information and experience or in terms of performance or behavior and attitudes, so that the individual is fit to do his work efficiently and productivity.

Based on the latest scientific theories and regulatory frameworks, the Al Maliki Training and Development Group has been established in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi since the beginning of the century, and is characterized by a great experience that spanned over 25 years in the field of training and development in the Arab world in general, the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region in particular since the early nineties.

Since its inception, the group has been recognized as one of the leading centers in the UAE and is considered one of the first centers to be licensed by the Abu Dhabi Education Council in 2003 and ISO 9001, and a member of the International Federation of Training and Development Organizations (IFTDO).

It also has a cooperation agreement with the Canadian International Center and SK International Group, which provide international accreditation certificates.

It is also rated (A) by the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, whose distinguished committee has classified all training centers operating in the UAE according to several important criteria, including but not limited to: Number of years of experience, excellence and quality in providing training and development services, evaluation of lecturers, scientific materials, certificates and membership International organizations, in addition to the size of the group and the number of experts and possession of technical devices.

Al-Maliki Group has implemented many administrative, technical, technical, engineering and security programs for many governmental, semi-governmental and private entities.

- Abu Dhabi Municipality, Al Ain Municipality, Western Region Municipality and Dubai Municipality.

- Abu Dhabi Council for Quality and Conformity, Supreme Council for National Security.

- Some of the Rulers of His Highness the Rulers (His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, His Highness the Crown Prince's Court, the Court of His Highness the Ruler's Representative in the Western Region and the Court of His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed).

- Abu Dhabi Police Headquarters in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Western Region, Dubai Police.

- Human Resources Development Authority (Tanmia).

- Western Region Hospitals, Tawam Hospital, Al Jimi Hospital, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain Health Authority.

- Abu Dhabi Distribution Company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

- Emirates Post, Department of Transport, Department of Finance and Customs.

- Oil Companies: ADNOC Main, GASCO, ADGAS, ADMA, ADNOC Distribution Refining, ZADCO and Borouge.

- Petroleum and electricity companies outside the country in Qatar (Qatar Petroleum - Ras Gas) and Saudi Arabia (Aramco - Mecca - Riyadh - Jubail Industrial) and the Gulf countries in general.

- Office of the Royal Commission in Yanbu.

I hope in this speech that I have been successful in giving a brief overview of Maliki for training and development to all partners and visitors of this site Rajya Mawlana Aziz Almighty to help us to complete our development process satisfactorily to all our dear customers.

Without your full satisfaction, we will not be able to continue to progress and succeed.


God grants success

Prof. Dr. Farid al-Malki

Chairman of Board of Directors