Management & Economics Consultants


Al Maliki Group performs administrative & economics consultancy depending on consultants teams specialized in the following fields:



First:  Strategies and Plans:


- Preparation and evaluation of strategies.

- Preparation of Plans and programs.

- Establishment of companies, drawing-up contracts and arrangement of projects.



Second:Management Development and Organization


- Management engineering.Tag Heuer Replica Watches

- Productivity analysis analogy and strategy of development thereof.

- Quality cost analogy and analysis.

- Operation cost analogy and analysis, and cost reduction strategy.

- Preparation of Organizational charts and Job guides systems.

- Preparation of Total Quality Management systems and  quality indicators.

- Performance rates criterion & preparation of incentives systems.

- Evaluation of Establishments and Departments performance.

- Jobs classification & descriptions

- Management by objectives systems and performance improvement and planning.



Third:  Financial, Accounting & Economical Management


- Financial and accounting aspects analysis and evaluation.

- Preparation of financial and accounting systems and regulations.

- Preparation of balance sheets and financial statements regulations and procedures

- Preparation of Internal Auditing and procedures.

- Preparation of Financial and cost system.



Fourth:  Human Resources Development


- Workforce analysis.

- Job trajectory planning.

- Job development planning.

- Preparation of salaries, wages, allowances an incentive systems.

- Preparation of human resources management and development systems and regulations.

- Selection of workforce.

- Training needs analysis.

- Training plans and strategies.



Fifth:  Development of Office Management


- Categorization and planning file keeping by utilizing modern technology.

- Simplifying the management procedures and work forms.

- Reduction of paper works volume.



Sixth:Marketing Services:


- Marketing and Sales systems.

 Market Studies.



Seventh:The Feasibility Studies


- Technical Studies.

- Financial and Economical Studies.

- Preparation of Feasibility Studies and Projects Evaluation.



Eight:Information Systems and Survey Consultants


- Design and execution of Economical and Social Surveys.

- Analysis, Design and Development of Management information Systems.

- Design of Research Sampling.